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Bernie the Bear knows a thing or two about the holidays. His seasonal promotions blog is filled with useful promotional tips — check it out below! You’ll be amazed at the ways you can use filled Christmas stockings or other holiday displays to excite, energize and engage your customers. (And they’re not only for customers — they also make great dealer loaders for your partners and affiliates.) Retail businesses, charity fundraisers and everything in-between benefit greatly from a Christmas display with a raffle. Let Bernie help you spread the holiday cheer!

Fun Ways to Use a Giant Stocking as Gifts for Kids and Grand Kids

Take it from me, Bernie the Bear, that some of our most treasured memories growing up were from those visits to grandma’s or another relative’s house where holiday cookies, pies, and other treats awaited us.  Using the world’s largest Christmas stocking filled with toys would make such visits even more magical and enable grandparents, parents, […]

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How to Increase Sales at Auto Dealerships with Giant Christmas Stockings

After consulting with Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s Elves in charge of marketing, we’ve come up with 5 possible ways for using giant Christmas stockings with toys to increase foot traffic during the holiday season and increase new or used car sales.  While Santa remains steadfast in his preference for reindeer-propelled sleighs, bringing joy to […]

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4 Ways to Use a Giant Stocking for a School Fundraiser

School administrators, parents, and the kids themselves all love the fun and excitement of a good fundraiser.  Which school can’t use some new textbooks, sports equipment, computers,  new or upgraded audio-visual equipment, extra funds for that long-overdue maintenance or renovation project, etc.? Or, in lieu of a school project, which school doesn’t welcome the opportunity […]

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The History of the Christmas Stocking

The tradition of hanging Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantle has been around for ages. When the tradition began, children would hang their socks or even place their shoes on the mantel, while today there are customized larger stockings that are specially designed to be used by children during Christmas. And, not only have the […]

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